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The 21st Century Competition blog is a collection of my writing on various competition law issues, links to interesting articles around the internet, and some primary competition law materials.


KCKevin Coates is a competition lawyer and a partner in the Brussels office of Covington. He has worked in private practice, as in house counsel and for nearly twenty years in the Directorate General for Competition of the European Commission.

His last four years in the Commission were as head of a cartel unit, for the previous few years he worked directly for the Director General, advising him on policy and communications issues.  Before that he handled competition cases in the telecoms and media sectors.

 Before joining the Commission he was European Counsel for AOL Europe, responsible for antitrust and regulatory issues for AOL subsidiary companies in the UK, Germany, France and the Netherlands.

A law graduate of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge University and the College of Europe, he qualified as a solicitor with the law firm Lovells in London and Brussels.

He is the author of “Competition Law and Regulation of Technology Markets” published by Oxford University Press in 2011  to wide acclaim (available from Amazon).  He is also co-author of the Communications and Intellectual Property chapters in Faull & Nikpay’s EC Law of Competition, and is a frequent speaker at conferences on a range of competition law topics.

He is overjoyed to be married to a smarter, and more successful woman, despite her continual despair at his addiction to technology.

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I wrote a book on Competition Law and Regulation of Technology Markets, published by OUP in 2011. Updates to the book and comments on issues covered in the book are available at Technology & Regulation.

For other competition law issues, not closely related to technology, I occasionally write at Twenty-First Century Competition.

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Competition Law and Regulation of Technology Markets was published by Oxford University Press in 2011 to positive reviews.

Technology & Regulation

Competition Law and Regulation of Technology Markets was published by Oxford University Press in 2011.

I also publish the Technology & Regulation blog where I post occasional articles on issues covered in the book, as well as links to other interesting articles on the web.